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About Us

Find Lost Value is an amazing platform, where you can inform about any lost or found things. The found and lost things or assets can be a mobile phone, important documents, notebook, jewelry, tool, and even your glasses, etc. Several logics and reasons drove us to create our website, but the main one is to give our users a convenient location to go when they misplace or find key possessions or belongings in their lives.

Usually, when we find or lose something significant to us in our lives, we run into a few issues. When we misplace or lose anything, we have no idea where to look for it, and when we find something, we have no idea to whom or where to return it. Here comes Find Lost Value, which gives you full access to all available social media networks, tools, and methods for connecting with a sizable majority around the globe. If you lose or find something, just come to our website, and share your lost or found with the world with just a few clicks.

Join us, and be a part of our global community